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Reddy Sastri, Reddy Khader, Reddy Joseph, Reddy Naidu, Reddappa Reddy ect…. No caste, no religion feeling,  everybody’s  name will start with “Reddy”. 

A.P & in some places of Karnataka State we will be listening these names.  They are the devotees of Sri Reddamma Thalli. she is well known goddess in A.P. as “Santhana” devatha (who blesses Childless couples with offspring) and devotees will keep their children name starting with Amma’s  name i.e. “Reddy”.

Let’s know the history of Sri Reddamma Thalli.


Annadanam to the devotees in Sri Reddamma Konda 2015

10th MAR 2013 - Reddamma Konda
Annadanam to the devotees in Sri Reddamma Konda

From 2011 we started Annadhanam for devotees on MahaSivarathri Festival Day.
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 V.G. REDDY- Founder,

It’s my precious fortune that I am taking this opportunity to tell about the goddess Sri Reddamma Thalli. Sri Reddamma Temple is located in Reddammakonda -Cherlo Palli which is near to Gurram konda in Chittor District ( A.P., India). Sri Reddamma Thalli is the presiding deity here.  There is a strong belief that childless couples will be blessed with offspring after worshipping the goddess Reddamma. Large number of devotees worships reddamma thalli to get rid of all kinds of sins.

This belief is the inspiration for me to develop this site because I am also blessed by Amma. For more information and suggestion please contact me at

Sri Reddamma Thalli IDOL Offering Ceremony

Sri Reddamma Thalli Temple
General Photo Gallery 2016
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